Picture showing hardwood floors and handrail

 The very latest trend is having Engineered Hardwood installed opposed to solid hardwood. This refers to the 3/4" thick variation, which is the same thickness as conventional solid hardwood. The reason this has taken off


, is due to the superior stability. Multiple layers of material will reacted far less to the affects of mother natures expansion and contraction process. In a "Nutshell" Engineered hardwood is less prone to cupping in high humidity as well as less prone to checking (cracking) in a low humidity environment.

Another trend that has not only been holding its own, but is actually increasing in popularity is Hardwood floors installed in the kitchen. To some, having hardwood floors installed in a kitchen just doesn't seem practical, especially when considering water sources like a refrigerator, dishwasher and kitchen sink. In reality, if you were to leave standing water on any flooring surface, the water will eventually compromise the sub-floor. In order to access the sub-floor, the finished floor must be removed regardless. This holds true, unless you have one piece linoleum flooring of course. Unfortunately linoleum went out of style along with bean bag chairs. If proper care is taken upon a discovery of a leak or spill, hardwood floors in a kitchen works wonderfully. The other exception maybe vinyl planks which replicate hardwood. Time will tell...